Ice Dancing, Adored and Mocked, Could Give Americans a Lone Gold

By JERÉ LONGMAN | JAN. 4, 2014

Meryl Davis and Charlie White of suburban Detroit, the reigning Olympic silver medalists in ice dancing, are the lone Americans favored to win gold in Sochi in the four traditional skating events. They are also expected to buttress medal hopes for the United States in a new team event. No Americans have won Olympic gold in ice dancing.


So popular are Davis and White in the rearranged world of figure skating that they have endorsements with Ralph Lauren, Procter & Gamble, Visa, Kellogg’s, AT&T and Airweave, a Japanese mattress company — a list perhaps unprecedented for American ice dancers.


CAN I JUST SAY how happy I am to see that second paragraph in the block quote above? Before this season began, I was absolutely scared that the USFSA would choose to promote Ashley Wagner or Miss Illinois over Meryl Davis and Charlie White because the ladies’ discipline is traditionally where the viewership goes.

Davis and White are absolutely and undoubtedly the most decorated amateur figure skaters in the United States today and the most decorated ice dancers in U.S. history.

I’m glad that they have such big endorsements going into their Olympic year and I’m also a little surprised (but glad) that they have a Japanese sponsor as well. It just speaks to how figure skating fans in Japan really do love them, and I hope that support stretches beyond their amateur careers as well.

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